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Glossier Makeup | A Review

If you follow me on instagram, you're probably sick of hearing me talk about Glossier, I get it. There's a reason though- it's just that good. I can't remember where or through whom I first heard of it, but I remember watching a bunch of British vloggers doing first impressions which inspired me to jump on the Glossier train.

June Favorites | Self-Care Skincare & Beauty

Mid-May to the end of June is a very busy time for our business, so I don't have much spare time or energy to play with makeup and beauty products. That being said, I do make an effort to keep up my self care, and figured I'd show you a few of my favorites this month revolving mainly around self-care.

Eye Creams 101 | LilyAna Naturals

I have noticed in the last year a larger number of wrinkles under my eyes, and immediately started panicking. I started applying eye creams, which I then worried were the cause of the wrinkles, as I had never used any cream before and didn't have wrinkles. But then I realized they are a natural sign of aging, a privilege denied to many, so I will accept it and do my best not to complain.

Instagram Made Me Buy It | Care/Of Vitamins Review

I figured it was about time to talk about some of my favorite new brands that I've found through marketing campaigns primarily on instagram and facebook. I was having lunch with a schoolfriend and we were talking about all the products we've bought from instagram marketing, and I had the idea to make it into a series, because honestly there are that many products. And she ended up referring me to another, should be delivered Saturday.

My Lipgloss is Poppin' | Universally Flattering Fenty Glow Lipgloss

In the event you did not know, Rhianna launched a beauty line called Fenty this past fall, and it's actually really good. I say really, because you know as well as I do, when celebrities jump into something and slap their name on it, quality is usually lacking.

Glow Recipe | Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask & Pink Juice Moisturizer | An Honest Review

There has been serious hype surrounding these products, and to be honest, rightly so. The mask was first on the scene, followed up by the moisturizer. The mask is a sleeping mask,

Spring | FabFitFun

This is the only box you need. Buy it right now. I rave all the time about my PopSugar subscription, but my true favorite is FabFitFun, I really wish it was once a month rather than once a quarter.