Fab Five

So I love looking at other bloggers' favorites list for recommendations on Products, so I figured I'd start a list too! I'll warn you ahead of time, but the majority of my things are from TJMaxx. Just sayin'. And they're in no particular order.

1.) My Keurig Mini. Enough said.

2.) The best top coat out there. Seche Vite. Dries so freaking fast! And to the point of being able to do things. Not so great with preventing chipping, but I paint my nails so frequently it doesn't matter.

3.) My lia sophia Cubist ring. I bought this ring for graduation in May, and have gotten a lot of wear out of it. It sparkles beautifully whether its in artificial or natural light. I constantly get compliments on it!

(not my hand, Google Image. )

4.) The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter- While in Baltimore for the weekend with the hubs, I stopped in The Body Shop to look around. More accurately, the hubs suggested it. I was going to just walk past. Anyways, they had a special going on with a GWP pink beach bag, so I went for it. Included was the body wash in Raspberry. Seriously, it smells so good you could drink it. Re says it smells like Sweedish Fish! Anyways, I picked up the matching Body Butter at TJMaxx for a great price. It makes my legs so soft and smooth and shiny after shaving!

5.) Essie Turquoise and Cacos. I picked this up at Target this week and have already painted my nails and toenails with it. It's a beautiful summer color! I think it's even prettier on nails, I'll do a manicure post later this week to show!

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