Fruit-Infused Water

I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE fruit infused water! While talking about it to a couple at church today, the husband made a valid point... it's chick food.  Well yes, it is girly, but it's so good! I love water anyway I can get it, with the exception sparkling.  So just regular water I guess.  Anyways, I wanted to make my own fruit infused water without preservatives, etc. and since I have the fresh fruit sitting here, why not??

I made two jars, one was cherries and pineapple, the other with strawberries and lemon.  The strawberry-lemon was a little strong, so I just added more water.  I thought they were perfect.  You can adjust the strength by the amount of fruit added, and could always add simple syrup to sweeten it to your preference.

Ingredients and Instructions:
-Water and fruit!
-Leave the fruit in the water overnight, strain and serve. 

It takes on a slight tint from the natural dye from the fruit, the cherry-pineapple slightly purple, with the strawberry-lemon pink. 

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