Home Office

This time last year we decided that I was going to drop to part time at work, and return full time to school.  Upon moving to VA in Spring of 2009, I was within a few classes of graduating, so the end was near.  I could TASTE it.  Believe me, I considered staying up in NJ to finish at Rutgers, but it would have meant another 6 months living away from mi amor.  And I decided that there was no worse torture, I wanted to be with him.  So as a result, my education was put on the back burner once again.  Upon moving down here I looked at a few schools, all wanting about 2 years minimum attendance, so I decided to shelve school and work full time.  This was a great decision though as we bought a house and the extra cash helped!

So, back to last summer.  When I decided to go back to school, the original plan was to go back up to NJ, finish up with Rutgers, live with my mom, and see the hubs on the weekend.  Well, the more I thought about it, the more anxiety I felt.  I didn't want to leave him to be honest.  So I went and talked to an advisor at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, VA.  She told me that I could graduate in May, and take the majority of my classes online.  BINGO.  So, that's what I decided!

We had already finished the office for Drew, and I admit I was a tad jealous.  Ok, a LOT jealous.  Green with envy.  I had an "office," one of the spare bedrooms that used to be a nursery.  Drew offered to help me renovate it, but I think it was just a little bit overbearing.  Look...seriously:

Yes, not only was the woodwork natural stain (like the rest of the original house,) the crown molding was mustard yellow.  Yuck.. Seriously.  You went through all the work to put up crown molding in ONE room of the original house ad you choose yellow?? Seriously?? Besides the work in general, I kept thinking, am I going to be repainting this again in a year or less for a baby? Then Drew and I decided to wait (indefinitely at this point,) for kids, so that excuse didn't hold wudder.  I mean water.

But then I went to my Orientation in August and there was a current student talking about how she goes into her office and shuts the door and does her work undisturbed.  So I was sold. 

So we said so-long to "Meredith":

And we got to painting.  It was a hassle, and the woodwork took a little extra elbow grease, but the result was so clean looking! What do you think:

I know.. grey??? But I had this vision of grey walls, crisp white woodwork, and pops of bright pink/fuchsia... and it came out amazing!!! I am so happy with it.  If we ever move, the next house WILL have a room for an office for me.  It keeps me sane.  It's just MY room.  Now my husband would argue that the whole house is mine, but this is different.

I have since redecorated in there and got furniture, as seen in the pictures below.  The adorable Polaroid-like frames can be found here for only $17.99 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Definitely worth it, they're adorable!  So, after purchasing some more shelves, and 2 futons (figured I should be resourceful, we have people here a lot!) I set out to finishing.

I then bought more shelves and decided to channel my inner 'Real Housewife' and picked out some of my favorite bags and jewelry to decorate with! Speaking of jewelry, the white frame on the wall above displaying my current lia sophia collection I made from some chicken wire and a frame from Goodwill.  I picked up some necklace displays at Michael's and had a blast decorating:


 I LOVE MY OFFICE.  It is my utopia.  Last week I rearranged some things for our spa night:

Oh, and I have to mention my newest fabulous accessory for my office available here:

FABULOUS zebra pencils with Swarovski crystals on the end! AHH! I of course did not pay $24, but $7.99 at Marshalls.  I HIGHLY recommend even if you don't have a room you can devote to an office, maybe a small area: a corner, or rebuild a closet:


  1. WOW!!! the difference in the before and after is amazing and I'm sure you spent countless hours on the crown molding but it was soo worth it! I am DYING for an 'office' right now but I just don't have the space. But it is definitely a requirement for any future living situation. Love the gray walls, too! Very chic!

  2. What colour grey is that paint!? It looks amazing!