Unusual Finds: HauteCurvture.com Jewelry

So as I was blog jumping last night, I came across this website, HauteCurvture. It looks like an etsy-type, with each piece of jewelry coming from a different screen name. Definitely some beautiful pieces of jewelry, but more unusual ones. Here are some highlights...

Seems like a common theme is taking cameos and making them skeletons instread of portraits of beautiful women...

An octopus fascination, I'm thinking as a result of the Pirates of the Carribbean movies:

Just unusual:

Cute gift ideas:

My favorites:

Too pretty for a collage:

And last but not least, for Re:

It was a fun use of an hour of time browsing, if nothing else! The prices are VERY reasonable, and I'm thinking there are some cute gift ideas on here. Wink!

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