Birchbox: August 2011

While reading one of my favorite blogs, The Stylish Housewife, I read a post about Birchbox.  I was curious to see what it was, and I was excited! It's basically a box of samples that you get each month (for a $10 a month subscription,) and then get points towards purchases for reviewing the products.  I was a little bummed after seeing what July's included, but excited to see this in my mailbox nonetheless:

I felt like a kid at Christmas!

August's box includes:
-Befine, Night Creme
-blinc, mascara
-kate spade new york, Twirl perfume sample
-LIFTLAB, Lift & Fix High Potency Serum
-Befine scrub
-twistband, 2 hair ties

I'm excited to try the Befine night cream, and I'll definitely use the hair ties, but the Kate Spade is AWFUL.  You'd think her perfume would be light and cute- UGH.  I won't be using the serum either- one word.  GRACEFULLY.

The mascara scares me a bit- I think it's like this L'Oreal one that I've used frequently:

It creates tubes on your eyelashes that are waterproof.  L'Oreal isn't- well, I don't buy waterproof.  I doubt I'll use the mascara as it seems like a hassle to remove.


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