Fashion Beauty Friend Friday: Creative Manis!

For FBFF today, we're linking up to Miss Rockwell at Lifestyles of the Thrifty and Shameless with our Creative Manicures posts.  I LOVE this.  No, seriously.  I LOVE THIS!!! I love doing my nails, and had fun with this idea! Head on over to her page to see a list of everyone who is posting.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the other girls, there are some REALLY creative people out there.

Enough, I know.  Get to the mani.

I was super excited to get my Konad black special polish in the mail this week and was anxious to start stamping.  Along with my Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in white, I went to town.  And it was a BLAST:

Then, as I was cleaning up the kitchen, I saw my inspiration:

And I knew I had my creative mani. 

Yup, I went there.

So, to achieve this, I painted 2 coats of Sally Hansen XW and let it completely dry.  (That is after shaping, dealing with cuticles and Nail Magic basecoat.) After it had dried, I wiped an alcohol wipe over the nails to make sure they were clean and went to work.  I used the Konad system I bought on Amazon, with Konad special polish in black.  I had already tried a black polish of my own, Milani, but it's not strong enough.  I think Konad special polish is the equivalent of 3 coats? I think I read that somewhere.  I have since learned that the special nail polish takes longer than regular polish to dry, hence the swipes...oops! I later used China Glaze Purple Panic for the tips, applying them freehand.  I finished off with a coat of Seche Vite topcoat.

Stamping is incredible. Here's a video, the video I first watched.  It looks complicated, but trust me, it's not.  You get into the swing of it really fast.  I bought a little manicure cup-thing from Sally Beauty like they use in nail salons for the nail polish remover.  I HIGHLY recommend stamping.  Then again, it's addicting!

Have fun!!


  1. made it over here via Lifestyles of the Shameless
    love this look and had no idea about the stamping
    i must have been living under a rock
    i love this, gonna go check out where to purchase this!
    thanks for sharing

  2. Awesome! You totally rocked this manicure out girl!!

  3. OMG I was going to say you did that by hand - incredible! hehe I'm wearing a zebra print currently thanks to Sally Hansen nail stickers :) Love this week's FBFF idea!

  4. Your nails look fantastic! Zebra with hot pink is such a sassy combo and I love it on nails! (ps. your wedding ring is beautiful!) I just discovered your blog through the cute, love the chandeliers!

  5. Super cute! It looks amazing, and to think you did it yourself. I want to try it for sure!

  6. I also have a Konad stamper!

    Zebra print was the first one I did too. :) I love that you added that little touch of pink!

  7. OMFG I love this. It's insane. I wish I had a Konad, maybe I'll get the polish markers and try to freehand it? Great job darling!

  8. Visiting from FBFF. This is so pretty and intricate. Love it.

  9. I'm definitely investing in a Konad stamper ASAP. I'm literally drooling over here! It's gorgeous and I love the way you added a pop of color on the tips!

  10. Thanks guys! I definitely recommend the Konad! It's sooooo fun!!