First OOTD Post: Interview Fabulous!

So I had a Manicure Monday post started, but I couldn't muster the energy to finish it. So instead you get my first outfit of the day (OOTD) post! This was from an interview about a week and a half back.

Home sick on the couch as evident in my picture of the day for my 365 project:

So, working in reemployment and recruiting/staffing over the years, I have heard all the silly interview faux-pas such as navy suits, nails, jewelry, etc. And do you know what? Most of it's rubbish! Here are some common things to avoid, from this article on Monster:

-Wild Nail Polish: This tip is for women or men. Extremely long or uncut nails are a real turnoff, too. Your nails should be groomed and neat.

**oops- I wore Nfu-Oh 54 (Google image)

-Jangly Jewelry: Don't wear more than two rings per hand or one earring per ear. And no face jewelry or ankle bracelets allowed.

**oops- wore two bangles on right hand with big flower (lia sophia Dahlia) ring:

lia sophia Bada Bling necklace:

And lia sophia Standing Ovation:

-Printed or Trendy Handbags: Purses should be conservative and inconspicuous.

**oops-very non-inconspicuous D&B Croco Tote:

-Red Briefcases: Briefcases, purses and shoes should all be conservative in color and in good condition.

**oops- see above

-Conservative colors in various shades of blue and gray are best. Wearing black to the interview could be viewed as too serious. If you do wear black, make sure another color is near your face to soften the look. Brown is still considered questionable as a business color and probably should be avoided. Change your outfit's look for a second interview by wearing a different color blouse, shirt, scarf or tie.

**oops- well I guess I didn't do so bad with this one. Bright shell under the jacket

-An interview is not the place to make a fashion statement, though those in the arts/design field and the very famous can be more adventurous. Everyone else should opt for a conservative look. "More and more companies are returning to traditional professional dress," Wildermuth says.

**oops-Whatever! Every minute of every day is the place to make a fashion statement. Within reason of course!!

-I didn't see anything on this article about hair, but I'm sure in pulled an interview "don't" with these rockin' curls:

Hey, why not have some fun at interviews, right? Takes the edge off!!

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  1. Hey, you never did post how you get your rockin' curls... Nexxus Alluring Curls for me... Can't wait until my hair is about 6 inches longer!