Gradient Manicure!

Um yeah, I can't stop staring either.  Aren't they just fab??? I need to go a little thicker on the tips in the glitter next time, but overall I'm THRILLED with how they turned out!

I was so excited to try a water marble manicure today, but that needs some practice.  It was definitely a FAIL today:

My pinky and my thumb look ok, but I need to work on the design part.

I'm wearing Zoya Zara, and Martha Stewart glitter glue.  I just used a paint brush from Michael's to apply.  My nails seriously have NO CLUE what I have in store for them with these:

Ok, since you asked so nicely, here are some more pics:


  1. In looooove!!! I did a similar-ish mani for FBFF :) I *need* the Martha glitter glue collection wicked badly. I just got that Zoya color too!!
    Great minds!

  2. Thank you! I HAD to get the glitters! They're 25% off at Michaels!