Manicure Post: Nfu Oh 64

So while browsing nail polish blogs (I cannot believe how many there are!), I found multiple posts on Nfu Oh brand nail polish.  Don't ask me to pronounce it.  It says 'Made in France', but is that French? Anyways, I bought 2 bottles, #51 & 64, both of which I LOVE.  I did the 51 for my interview, but it's a thick, jelly consistency, and didn't go on well.  I will do what others have done, and use it over another color.  The #64 is to die for.  It is without a doubt my all time favorite nail polish.  And that's saying a LOT.  SO SO SO gorgeous!! Please forgive the short, stubby nails- I am in the process of regrowing.  But seriously, I couldn't keep this polish from you, regardless of nail length!

Oh, and forgive the not-perfectly-lined up wedding rings...

Even inside they're beautiful...couldn't resist:

While out running errands today in the sun, I could not stop looking at my nails! Of course the hubs just loved teasing me about that! Oh, and how cute is the bottle? I mean COME ON:

I'm going to remove it tonight in an effort to be proactive.  I just know as perfect and beautiful as it is now, after making lasagna for dinner tonight, showering, curling hair, etc. it will chip.  Seriously, this color is gorgeous. 

Where and How much: I paid $12.50 for it through, but there are Sally Hansen's and China Glaze's out there apparently the same.  I've never seen them...

Application: Very smoothe.  It left some bare spots which going over again made worse.  Be patient, let a coat dry before touching up.  I did 2 coats plus spot touch up.

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