Perfect Iced Coffee. Seriously.

So, any iced coffee drinker out there knows that iced coffee is nectar of the gods.. if it's bought. It never tastes right made at home! I LOVE my Keurig, but the iced coffee is awful on it. I have the $99 one (had the Platinum one at first... long story short I returned it thinking it was broken, but the outlet was bad..), and it instructs to brew over ice. Well, it brews hot coffee, over ice. Yup, you guessed it. It's watered down and doesn't taste good at all. I've brewed big pots of coffee and refrigerated it, but it still isn't just right. Or maybe that's just what I tell myself to excuse the many trips to the bux...

Anyways. Thanks to The Pioneer Woman, this is no longer a problem. I think she called it "liquid gold," seriously, it is.

Funny story... one of 2 people I know here in VA that drink coffee, Megan, was doing this at the same time! I sent her a facebook message to tell her about the sweet nectar, and here she was brewing her own!

Without further adieu...

Perfect Iced Coffee

-1 lb. bag of coffee grinds (stronger the better)
-2 gallons cold water

1. In a large container, bucket, pitcher (whatever will fit 2 gallons)- empty the grinds, followed by the 2 gallons of water. Stir until all grinds are wet. Cover and let sit minimum 8 hours.

2.) After 8 hours or more, strain the concoction through cheesecloth and a strainer into a container. This takes time, but worth it. Hang in there!

3.) What is left is amazing. You can use this for up to a month in the fridge if you keep it sealed.

-I didn't buy a 16oz (1 lb) bag of coffee, didn't even realize I bought 12 oz. I just adjusted to 1.5 gallons instead.
-I didn't buy strong enough. I used Eight O'Clock Coffee Original, but will go with something stronger next time.
-I used beautiful milk bottles that were left here at the house by the previous owners. Makes me feel REAL country!

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