Sally Hansen Crackle Polish

There's not many words needed to describe this stuff and how I feel about it. LOVE IT.

I couldn't find a good picture of all 8 colors, but here's a general idea:

I've got 6 of the 8 colors, that's me...go big or go home. More like I loved it so much I needed it in every color! The only 2 I don't have are the cobalt blue and the red. My absolute favorite is the purple. I painted it over a Sally Hansen Extreme silver color, and it's gorgeous:

Sorry for the not-so-quality picture from my phone, but you get the idea. My next favorite is the gold:

I did this over an Essie (not near my polishes now, and the name escapes me!) and I think it is regal looking! The other day when stopping at the grocery store for milk, I HAD to stop at the cosmetic/nail isle, and ended up picking up a Milani Neon, 'Fresh Teal.'. It's a beautiful color on it's own, but I did the silver Crackle overtop:

I was a little disappointed that the silver Crackle yellowed a bit, but I think it's from the cheap nail polish. When I removed it last night, it had stained my nails and cuticles a bit as well, so it's just a quality thing. I haven't had that problem with any of the other Crackles.

I can only compare to China Glaze crackle as that's the only other crackle polish I have tried. Sally Hansen way out performs. China Glaze constantly was separating, even after vigorous shaking.

This stuff is uber fun and I say go out immediately and grab a bottle. Or two. Or 6. Or all 8. I bought my first, purple at CVS, the gold at Rite Aide, and the other 4 at Target. I highly recommend! Which is your favorite shade?

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