Effort-less Hair Part I: Curls Without Heat

A big trend for fall fashion is effortless hair.  It's funny though, when you see the pictures of celebrities with "effortless hair", you can tell it took 3 hairstylists hours to create the effortless look.  And that includes curling the whole head with a curling iron and then proceeding to brush it out!

The 4 styles I'm going to show you guys over the span of 4 parts are effort-less (than what they look like.) That make sense? They look like they took hours, but took considerable LESS time.  First up? A re-post of Curls Without Heat.

Curls Without Heat
What you need:
-Elastic head band like this or this.  I bought a 3 pack at Target, Goody brand I believe.  I bought the no-slip ones, the ones that have rubber on the underside so they don't slide.  Which is total BS, cause they always slide on my hair.  My sister said they slide on her too, so I don't feel so bad.  That being said, I like that mine is tight.  The tutorial I saw showed it with a loose fitting one.  I prefer the tight, I don't want my hair falling out.

1.) Start with clean hair, about 80-90% dry.  It should be a little damp, but if it's too wet it won't dry, and you'll wake up with wet hair and no curls.  Brush it out. If you have a particular part you like, do it now.

2.) Wrap the headband around your head.  I do it Indian-squaw style, on my forehead. I've also seen it in your hair like a headband.  I tried that, but I have extremely thick hair, and it just pops off. 

3.) This step depends on how big of curls you want.  I'll teach you what I do, but the bigger the sections of hair you tuck, the bigger the curls.  Take about a 1-2" wide section of hair, and wrap it up and over the headband, tucking it in and back under.  You continue to do this until you reach the back.  I am so sorry I don't have step-by-step photos of this, but I will post a link to an easy-to-understand video further on.

4.)  Once you've tucked most of your hair in and have about a 2-3" wide section left at the back, wrap it once or twice around the headband, then ravel it around 2-3 fingers and tuck it into your hair wrap.  Finished product:

This is my gorgeous sister Lyn, who was the guinea pig the first time! Here's her hair the next morning:

This stays put throughout the day and into the next.  Here is a picture of my hair the next day, still gorgeous!

The most common question I get is regarding how comfortable it is to sleep on.  Well, of course it's not comfortable, but in all honesty, it's not that bad.  Granted my sister and I have a LOT of hair and our wraps are quite large, it's still not that bad.  I can't even tell you how happy I am in the morning knowing I will only have to devote 2-3 minutes of time to unwrap it and style it, and it will look incredible!

Here's the video that I watched.  It's a lot easier than reading the steps...

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