Fab Five

Here are just some things that are really making me smile this week!

Bloom Bible
-When my sister and I were at the Lifeway Christian Store last week in Lynchburg, I came across these babies.  Seriously, how could I pass this up? I paid $25 for it, but it's as low $15 online.  Google "bloom bible"- definitely a GREAT Christmas gift for friends!! Of course I picked up the pink one... Here are some of the other options for covers:

Along the same vein is something else I picked up at Lifeway:

Read the Bible for Life
George Guthrie, PhD

I've tried so many times to read through the Bible, but get to Exodus-Leviticus and can't stick with it.  Let's admit it, there's not much exciting stuff going on other than naming people and lands, etc.  This is a great study, because it asks questions and refers to other parts in the Bible to compare/contrast with.  You can also get this plan on the YouVersion Bible app for ipod, iphone, ipad, etc.  I'm assuming there's a droid app for this too.

Lia Sophia 'Samba' Earrings
lia sophia, $28

I LOVE these earrings.  These are without a doubt the most popular piece I ever sold.  They look good with anything. 

Lia Sophia describes them as "enormously flattering, and with just a twist of texture, these hoops are the quintessential wear-with-all earrings both bohemians and cosmopolitans will love."

Burt's Bees Radiance Eye Cream
$14.99, Target

Much to my chagrin, I'm noticing that I'm getting older.  As Tosh says, I'm on the "wrong side of 25." And I'm starting to both see it and feel it.  My sister recommended this eye cream to me and I absolutely love it. Here's what Burt has to say about it:

"Royal Jelly, one of nature's most nourishing substances, and bee pollen naturally replenish and renew your skin's essential nutrients, restoring a smooth, youthful appearance. This highly-concentrated formula also contains chamomile, cucumber and rosehip extracts, which are known to promote skin renewal and reduce puffiness and swelling. Natural mica diffuses light to minimize the look of fine lines."

Pumpkin Spice Latte
$5, Starbucks; FREE at home.

I seriously love these things.  I admit I broke down and bought one last weekend when my sister was here, only because I'd rather sit and talk to her for hours than make the pumpkin butter, and then the latte.  That being said, I've had like 3 this week made at home.

So that's my Fab Five for the week! What are you loving on recently??


  1. Would you mind sharing the recipe for the at home pumpkin latte??? I love them, but dont want to dish out the daily $5 :)

  2. The link "at home" will take you to the recipe I use! ;) I just use 2% milk and regular whipped cream, that's the only difference!

  3. My favorite is the daisy Bible but I love the colored flowers ... ahhh decisions!!