Halloween Nails and Treats!

Halloween isn't a favorite holiday of mine, maybe because we didn't celebrate it as a child? I think we had more fun anyways messing with the trick-or-treaters who would incessantly ring the doorbell even though it was obvious no one was answering the door?

Even as an adult I don't really purposely make plans.  In the past we've gone to Halloween parties, but never hosted our own.  This year was no exception.  I really couldn't get enthused about it, so went as my husband's side kick.  He went as a character from Jersey Shore, or as a "Jersey Boy" as the wig packaging said, and I just wore my matching "Yeah Buddy!" t-shirt, big hair, and a combination of too much eye make-up and bronzer. 

Enough about that though, time for Halloween Nails!

First up is my neice Jayne's nails.  She dressed up as an 80's Girl, so her nails matched her colorful costume, down to the kiss accent nail!

Next was my future sister-in-law's Candy Corn nails:

And lastly, my manicure:

Happy Halloween!


  1. I was and still am a huge halloween fan. Although this year I didn't dress up! I am starting to run thin on costume ideas for dark haired characters! Ok everyone's nails look awesome, the 80s, candycorn, tne sparkly green are very nicely done!

  2. I love the nails!!! I love halloween, and miss dressing up :( Sadly, I've never been to a halloween party, either. I guess it's due to having kids? The nails are all so fun, you all did such great jobs!
    Twitter: @smartnsnazzy

  3. I agree with Bessie, I always make my own costumes and totally get my husband into it, plus candy is involved...

    But let's talk about those fabulous nails, omg.

  4. Love all of these nails! I really need to practice more so I can have amazing nails like these!

  5. Yay!! Love seeing the fabulous nails!