The One Hundred: The B's

So to continue on with Nina Garcia's The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own, I will list the B's today! I was trying to figure out the best way to keep this going, in increments of 5, 10? Then I realized she organized it by alphabet, so why not stick with that? Ballet Flats are a repeat, but I'm sure you don't mind!

The premise of this post is to go through the book and to see how well I score, out of 100, in matters of style!

See the A's into the beginning of the B's here.


Jessica Simpson: Macy's
1.) Ballet Flats- I fully believe with Nina when she says the ballet flats have stood the test of time and it's "one of the few flat shoes that the fashion world has adopted and adored."
Nancy Cunard, British Activist, 1920's
2.) Bangles- Bangles can be seen anywhere, from models wearing plastic colorful ones with t-shirts and chucks, or actresses on the red carpet wearing stunning gold and diamond ones.  Bangles can be found anywhere from Dollar General to Saks.  The picture above is of Nancy Cunard, a British activist born into a wealthy family, who rejected her family and wealth to be a racism and fascism activist.  She had man famous lovers including Aldous Huxley, but succumb to a mental health disease accelerated by her drug use, and died weighing 57 pounds. She is famous for her styling of bangles, as evident above! I would say I have the market cornered on variations of bangles:

3.) Belts- as Nina says, belts are often an "overlooked and under appreciated" accessory, with shoes and bags getting all the attention! Belts can "make you look slimmer, pulled together, accentuate curves, and add bling to an otherwise bland outfit." I probably have a minimum of 10 belts, so this is a check!

Picture: Google Images
 4.) Bikini- I have a tankini, do I get half credit? "The key to wearing a bikini is confidence, confidence, confidence.  The girls that rock a bikini best do not necessarily have the most perfect bodies," says Nina.  Since I don't have one, I'll post one that I love from Victoria Secret:

5.) Blackberry This book was published in 2008, so I'm surprised this is on the list rather than the iPhone, but I'll run with it! I personally have a "Crackberry" for now, so this made me smile!

Google Images: Blackberry Bold
6.) Black Opaque Tights- who doesn't love them? They can hide a mirage of imperfections, and paired with a bootie or a black suede boot or heel for a streamlined look. I've got a pair, but can't think of an outfit I can wear them with, so for now:

Google Images
7.) Blazer No longer are blazers just for suits, but can be worn with skinny jeans, dresses, etc.!

8.) Boyfriend Cardigan- this is a definite no with my body type, but a highly popular piece.  They look bad on me and accentuate parts I don't want accentuated! ;) They look fabulous on my sister though! I agree with Nina when she says "perhaps because anything that looks like it was stolen out of your boyfriend's closet will never go out of style."

9.) Brooch I'm a jewelry freak, so I LOVE brooches, and have quite a few! Instead of a picture of mine, I found a picture of something I wish I had done for my wedding bouquet- a bouquet of brooches! So chic!


  1. yes!!!! So on point. I have all the items, except a brooch. I can do without that item. Maybe I haven't found the right one yet. Have a blessed day!

  2. Love this series you are doing! Very excited to follow along!

  3. Well, I don't have an blackberry (do have an iPhone as of last week) and I don't have a brooch but I do like the idea of a brooch. I would love to have one really unique, like a 'signature piece'. Otherwise, I totally agree and have everything on the list!

  4. I don't have a BlackBerry, but everything else on her list is a CHECK for me...yay! :)

  5. What a great idea! Excited to see the 100! I also don't have a blackberry, but I don't have to IPhone either. I have the Droid, because I like to be different =P

  6. I'm so excited to have you guys following along! I find that I can't wait to see what's next on the list!!

  7. ooh Brooch bouquet! I'm getting married in May and am in the process of building mine out of some beautiful brooches! I agree with this list though speaking as someone addicted to her iPhone.