Treats for Any Budget

As I was shopping in Target today for laundry detergent, I came across some really cute "treats." I often ask friends if they'd like to go shopping with me, and I usually get back an answer something to do with not having a budget.  So I've decided to create a (hopefully) weekly post with little "treats" or steals I see around.  Little things to brighten our days that we ALL can squeeze into our budgets, no matter what they are, in increments of $5. 

$5 (and under) Finds:


Wet n' Wild On the Prowl Halloween 2011 Collection, $1.99 each. Here's each one:

Photo courtesy of The Varnish Clique via Google Images
Aren't they fabulous? I bought 3! The colors aren't just specific to Halloween either, so you can wear them all year long.  With titles like: Behind Closed Doors, Jungle Fever, Tangled in My Web, and Buy Me a Drink, how can you resist?

CVS/Target/Grocery Stores,etc:

People StyleWatch, $3.99.  There are a lot of fashion magazines out there: InStyle, Lucky, Glamour, etc. but this is the average girl's book, with reasonably priced items.  Yes, there are $100+ pieces, but not $1000+ like InStyle.  I look forward to this magazine monthly, I LOVE it!

$10 (and under) Finds:


 Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, $6.  Works wonders!


Goody doubleWEAR 2 in 1 Ponytailer and Bracelet, $5.99.  Sorry for the picture, I could NOT find a picture on the internet, including Goody's website! I was so excited when I saw these.  I constantly wear an elastic band on my wrist for my hair, and this just makes it FABULOUS.  It comes in silver and gold tone, and also in a necklace/headband form.  So cute!

$10+ Finds

Amazon/Barnes and Noble/BAM etc:

Average price range: $12-20.  This is the grown up girl's coloring book.  And it's incredible.  I love when I have a few minutes of down time to put on my ipod and pull this and my colored pencils out.  Here are some excerpts:

Sally Beauty Supply:

China Glaze Halloween 2011 Set, $12.99.  Mine came with an orange polish called Cross Iron 360 in place of the top coat, I guess it depends on your Sally's! How fun is this?

So is this something I should continue weekly? With more than nail polishes of course..


  1. Fun!!! I'll go shopping with you anytime!

  2. Great post! It is always wonderful to find inexpensive finds. Love the crackle nail polish, I've been wanting to try it!!

  3. Courtney-I love to shop, can't you tell?

    Mary- crackle is so fun! I highly recommend!!

  4. I love People StyleWatch too! I think you are totally spot on! Its a fashion mag for normal girls who don't have $8k to spend on trouser socks :)


  5. Exactly!! I look forward to this magazine every month!!