November Shoegasm Report: Under $50

November Shoegasm Report: Under $100

I am obsessed with Polyvore recently! I could spend hours on there, like I did yesterday and today... Anyways, which is your favorite? I think the nude booties are my faves.

Mani With a Touch of Bling!

I seriously could not stop staring at this manicure! I'm mad at myself for doing it when I did though, because we painted the living room that night and this manicure was destroyed.

Essie 'Sew Psyched'
bling Nail Appliques, $1.99, Sally Beauty Supply

I saw these decals a few weeks ago at Sally's on Clearance, so I figured I would give them a try. Hey, for $1.99, why not? Even full price they're $2.49. I'll just use one at a time, so they'll last me awhile.  The bigger ones (for thumbs, etc.) I'll just cut down with nail scissors. 

So, what do you think, pretty, right? After looking at these pictures, I'm thinking of doing this manicure again!

Ten Pound Tuesday: Exercise Accessorizing!

Ok, now that Thanksgiving week has passed, it's time to get serious on getting healthy and working out more.  A week of watching movies, eating, watching more movies, more eating, and slumming is over, and I've avowed to lose ten pounds by Christmas.  Anyone want to join me?

I started Ten Pound Tuesday because I'm pretty sure 99% of people want to lose a minimum of 10lbs.  And isn't that first 10lbs the easiest? It definitely is for me!

Image via Pinterest
 As I was thinking of what to post today to get Ten Pound Tuesday off the ground again, I couldn't help but think of a way my older brother E teases me.  He says I always have to have the 'stuff' or 'accessories' before embarking on anything.  This is SO true. 

But really, what's wrong with it? What's wrong with feeling FABULOUS? I like to look good while exercising, it adds a little something to my confidence.  I've read multiple articles about this, so I know I'm not alone. 

Today I'm going to highlight two of my favorite workouts, Zumba and Tennis. 

First up, Zumba.

Post Zumba workout glow!
Spring of 2009, I saw a banner for a local gym advertising Hip Hop and Zumba classes, and called the moment I saw it to inquire.  I've been hooked since.  The Hip Hop class was very disappointing, but Zumba was where it's AT! The teacher I had there (at Shenandoah Power House Gym), Kari, was AMAZING.  But then she left. Boo.  I have since taken it at multiple locations, and although it's not Kari, they're all fabulous.  If you haven't tried Zumba yet, what are you waiting for? The time flies by, and it's (dare I say it?) FUN.

Nike pointy shoes, $60Polar brown watch, £77CZ by Kenneth Jay Lane cubic zirconia earrings, $79Buy Zumba Let Go Racerback
Nicki Minaj and OPI To Launch Limited Edition Nail Lacquers: Beauty...
Zumba Fitness: Join the Party (Nintendo Wii) : Target
Zumba Exhilarate™ DVD Experience - Ditch the Workout, Join the Party
Zumba - Ditch the Workout, Join the Party
Zumba - Ditch the Workout, Join the Party

Next up is Tennis.

I started playing tennis my freshman year in high school.  Looking back I don't know if I really wanted to play or I was joining the team to avoid Marching Band. But I loved it immediately.  I remember the first few weeks being completely CLUELESS about the score and rules, but once you learn it, it's not confusing at all. 

Since then I haven't played much, sometimes with my friends Audrey and Dave, but other than that, not much.  I did go all out with the accessories though.  I have the outfit, the correct sneakers, multiple rackets, pink balls, a ball hopper, etc.  And it's all sitting in my garage as we speak. I have considered upping my gym membership to include the tennis options...

Anyways, now for the fun:

Oh, and YES! I do believe the nail polish and the jewelry are important exercising accessories!

What exercise accessories do you love?

Adele Makeup Challenge

While browsing through my favorite blogs I came across a link-up for Socialite Dreams doing a look-a-like of Adele and couldn't wait for the challenge! I think Adele is beautiful, and her voice is so sultry! 

I was going for these 2 looks of Adele:

I was trying to channel Adele while taking these photos, but she's so sad! I am so thankful to my sister for taking these incredible photos!

For my makeup I used:

BareMinerals Foundation and Warmth (bronzer)
BareEscentuals Eye Shadows in Celestine and Drama
Almay Liquid Eyeliner
L'Oreal Mascara

So, what do you think, did I get close enough?

Lia Sophia Giveaway!

I joined lia sophia a littler over a year ago and have yet to be successful financially at it.  Why, you ask? Because I keep buying my own merchandise.  Because it's reasonably priced, it's gorgeous, and there's a lifetime warranty on it.  What more could you ask for?

Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

Standing Ovation, Avail: Gold, Silver, Hematite, $68, Bonus $15.

Blushing, $130, Bonus $20.

Glitterati, $120, or $20 Bonus item.
Cubist, $110, $20 Bonus.
Instinct, $36.
Caleigh, $88, $15 Bonus.
Rock Crystal Hematite, $220. Bonus $45.
Crystal & Gold Earrings, $60, $15 Bonus.
Enamel Link Necklace, $220, Bonus $45.
Tightrope, Gold and Silver, $32.
Nikki, $110., Bonus $20.
Sugar Dusted, Silver or Gold, $32.
Swish, Dress for Success Piece, $88, Bonus $15.
Curio, $98, Bonus $15.
Cabana, $82, Bonus $15.
Fiesta, Removable tassel, $88, Bonus $15.
Capulet, $126, Bonus $20.
Plumage, $34.

Wishing Well, $88, Bonus $15.
And now for the Giveaway!!

I am giving away a pair of the lia sophia Damask earrings to one lucky reader:

Damask, $34.
To be entered into the giveaway all you have to do is be a GFC follower of At the Pink of Pwrfection at the top of the page! Extra entry for liking me on Facebook or Twitter. Just comment for each entry, that's how I chose the winner! Giveaway closes December 2nd.


If you're interested in purchasing lia sophia, stop by my page! You can order online! Here are November's Specials:

-Buy 2 at regular price, and get one (always most expensive) at 1/2 off!
-3 more additional styles then are 1/2 off!

And...if you're interested in hosting either a show or a catalog show (collecting orders), the following bonuses are available to you:
-5 Bonus Items (Anything in catalog for $15 or otherwise noted)
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-Any one of the Glitz Special Edition jewelry for $10

OOTD: Unemployment Fresh!

I've been in a funk recently.  I don't get out of my sweatpants often.  There, I said it.  I've even taken to wearing my husband's t-shirts.  **GASP!** I know.  I have a bunch of outfits I'd love to wear and photograph, but just lack the motivation.  So here's what I've been wearing on the average basis:

Sweatpants: Old Navy, few years old...
Sweatshirt: Danskin, Walmart
Sneakers: Nike
Bag: Eric Javits, TJMaxx
Sunglasses: Oscar de la Renta, TJMaxx

I went all out and MATCHED my sweats and my sneakers for you today! Well, I'll be honest, it's because I had errands to do.  I do draw a line as to the sweats I wear in public.

And hey, $60 on dance sneakers for zumba SCREAM to be worn more than once a week, month, every so often...

Part of my errands included a trip to my inlaws to return their bundt pan I've been borrowing and to take them a loaf of homemade Honey Oatmeal Bread.  Don't you love that shopping bag? It's THRIFTED! I scored that bag from Goodwill! A.) it's pink, B.) it promotes recycling, C.) it's a HEART, D.) it was $2, and E.) it's PINK.

And of course what's a day of errands, including braving Walmart without my Iced Green tea for a boost of energy:

How do you rock your sweatpants?!?

Polka Dot Manicure!

A big trend right now with nails is the Dot Manicure:

Images via Google
I LOVE this look, how cute is it? And there are SUCH possibilities.  And all it takes is a set of dotting tools, available on eBaY, shipped for under $2.  Seriously, you can't say no.  I didn't.  Then, just go to town. I did.

Here is my first attempt:

Base color: Essie Dive Bar
Dots: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City and White On, Zoya Charisma, Essie Turquoise and Caicos

And my second attempt, my personal favorite:

Base Color: Zoya Kelly
Dots: Zoya Laurie, Chanel Organdy, Orly Purple Crush, and Finger Paints Be a Pal-ette

Seriously, go buy the dotting tools now.  $2.

Fun, right??