Beauty Tip: Hair, Skin, and Nails Supplement

So the buzz in the blogosphere right now is Biotin supplements.  Biotin has a number of positive effects, but is mainly known for the effect it has on your hair, skin and nails.  There are immediate results upon taking Biotin in thicker, shinier and overall healthier hair.  But..... I think the Hair, Skin, and Nails Supplement is even better.  I swear by the HS&N supplements, and will attest to their powers! Look at my hair:

I'm not bragging, please don't think that.  I'm just trying to show you how amazing this stuff is. 

Why HS&N over Biotin? I purchased a bottle of Biotin over the weekend, and out of curiosity compared the Supplement Information of the two and was shocked.  I didn't realize just how many vitamins were in HS&N.  It's a multivitamin! Check it out for yourself:

This photo is from Nature's Bounty, the brand that I use. 

I'll be honest with you, HS&N is more expensive than pure Biotin, but I think that it's worth the extra amount.  I have since started taking HS&N as my multivitamin.  Up until then I was taking a B-Complex and a HS&N, and I sporadically still take the B-Complex until I finish the bottle.  The directions have you taking 3 a day, but I see results with one a day.  Granted 3 a day will give you incredible results, one a day will yield you stronger nails, and faster hair growth. 

A common side effect of stress is broken hair.  Know what I mean? Looks like someone did a chop job giving you bangs, but it does that naturally? My sister Lyn is a grad student working on her MSW and between life, school and clinicals is stressed crazy.  As a result, her hair started breaking.  This weekend she told me after taking the HS&N 3x a day for about a month, it has stopped! Feel free to ask her!

Being the nail freak that I am, I attribute my nail growth to HS&N as well.  My nails have always been brittle, and break when I acquire any type of length.  Since taking HS&N, they are noticeably stronger, and if they do break, grow back fast. Don't buy any of those products you paint on like NutraNail to grow your nails, stick with these supplements!

I purchase my HS&N from my grocery store, but they're available at Target and drug stores everywhere.  CVS has them priced at ~$9/bottle, but I pay ~$6 at the grocery store, and I've seen them as low as $4 online.

What are you waiting for, go get some!

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