My Growing Addiction: A Bigger Nail Polish Rack

I love nail polish.  Yeah yeah, I know it may come as a surprise, but alas I do.  Maybe too much in some people's opinions, but I can't help it.  It doesn't help to have a supportive and amazing husband who builds me things like this:

Yes, a 6 foot nail polish rack.  I hinted that I was out-growing my old rack that he built me, so within 3 minutes, he designed a new one and figured out the supplies he would need.  Upon returning from Lowes and after playing a few games of MW3, he slaved away in the cold garage and built me this.  In under 2 hours.  That's love. 

Above is a picture of the first one he made me, next to the big daddy of nail polish racks.  Yes, you can buy one from him, but not that one.  That's going in storage until I out-grow the new one.  Yep, it'll happen.  Just look at it already:

And you can't see my 'untried' box of 50+ polishes:

So, all told, I have 211 bottles of polish.  Yes, I'm over the 200 mark now.  Not including the nail art bottles or treatments (base & top coats.)

After the holidays, I'm planning a Tea & Tips party, a girly nail polish tea party.  Who's in?


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  2. Holy moly that thing is amazing. Think I can convince my boyfriend I need one of these too? Can't hurt to try at least! And my selling point will be that I only need the small one for now, so he's got time to work up to the massive one :)

  3. how much to buy one! i have 200+ nailpolishes aswell and i decided to make a few racks out of posterboard.. they are not as sturdy as they look on youtube! If your serious where it says i can buy one, email me please !

  4. Would you or the hubby have a DIY on how to make one? I'm hitting the 150 mark and my polish needs a home. Right now they are sitting on the bins all lonely and mooshed. LOL!

  5. So I know this is your nail storage headquarters.. but for me I'm thinking....this would be awesome to hold single wooden stamps, punches, or even to display the cards I'm make, I'm even thinking how awesome for ribbons could we get those little dowels to snap in and out.. yes, I'll order one of these shelf units please for my craft room ☺

    1. You and me both - I am redoing my craft room with Ikea furniture and hopefully will make one of these for my embossing powders, glitter and ink refill bottles.

  6. you just gave me and idea,im 300 bottle in and need a bigger display but i going the cheat short cut way, being my husband dont build but he'll buy?

  7. I would totally buy one! I stated collecting in Jan 16, and I somehow have about 450. I have those plastic racks, but yours are SO NICE!

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