Ten Pound Tuesday: Exercise DVD's

Welcome to another Ten Pound Tuesday!
(You can read about Ten Pound Tuesday here.)

My good friend Shannon (who also happens to be a cousin-in-law) told me last month that she was saddened to see that ExerciseTV was shutting down.  When I had Comcast, she got me hooked on the workouts OnDemand, but since I've switched to DirecTV I haven't looked into their version.

Anyways, as part of their closing, they clearanced a lot of their DVD's for as low as $1. Yup, $1.  So I picked up the following:

-Nicole Eggert's 21-Day Red Hot Bikini Body Makeover $1.00
-CRUNCH Eroticise Series $1.00
-CRUNCH Dance Rhythms $1.00
-Lose Weight in 8- DVD $1.00
-Incredible Abs Volume 1 & 2- The Complete DVD Series $10.00
-Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD $12.00

I really loved the Shred on Comcast, but I haven't been able to find it on DirecTV, so I figured it was worth $12 for all 3 parts.  On Shannon's recommendation I also purchased the Incredible Abs set.  I figured it put me into the free shipping bracket, so technically only cost me ~$2, well worth it!

Now to actually USE them!

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