Bloggers Biggest Loser: Week 1

I've been overweight, or "pleasantly plump" since the fourth grade.  Anyone read the old Nancy Drew novels? Her friend Bess was always described as "pleasantly plump," and to this day I describe myself as such. 

Bess, top right?

I don’t know if something significant happened at that age, but if it did, I can’t remember.  I had switched from private school to public school the year before, but it had been a positive experience.  Believe it or not, the kids at public school were so much nicer than the Christian school kids.  Anyways, I digress…

I learned at an early age that a pretty face could make up for a myriad of sins, in this case, being overweight.  I was happy just being myself.  I had to drop out of college to work full time, but I loved my job and my independent life.  I lived with my older brother and we had some good times.  My weight was not an obstacle in my life.

November of 2004 at the age of 21, I joined LA Weightloss (LAWL) with my mom and lost 40lbs.  I kept that off for about 3-4 years, blissfully happy in “onederland.”  I knew I was not “skinny,” but I was actually smaller than the national average, and felt beautiful.  Of course it helped that I worked in a beautiful department store with an amazing discount on clothes, accessories, jewelry, bags, shoes, oh my!

Enter mi amor. 

Summer 2010

My husband, the love of my life. He wined and dined me.  Then I got comfortable.  Then I got married and moved 300 miles away from my family.  Then I got a job and gained 20 pounds.  Then lost said 20lbs. Then decided to quit work full time and go back to school.  And gained 5lbs.

This has been the story of my diet-life for the past 4-5 years since gaining the 50lbs of “mate-weight.”  And it’s time to go.  For the first time in my life I am genuinely happy.  I have an amazing husband, I finally finished my degree on my own, I own a beautiful home, I have an amazing family, I’m strengthening my walk with the Lord, and so much more.  The only thing I obsess about is my weight. 

Seriously Amy? Yeah, seriously. 

One of my other goals for 2012 in my personal life is to start enjoying my life and letting go of the past.  I have demons that I wrestle with that stem back to my childhood which have kept me in a pit. I want out.  I truly believe this is what has kept me from being successful with my weightloss goals.  Enough already.  This is my life and I am tired of carrying excess baggage, both literally with my weight and figuratively with memories and my issues. 

So, on that note, I move forward. Here are a few health goals I have set for myself for 2012:
  • Minimum of 64oz. of water a day
  • Take vitamins daily
  • Find some new recipes for veggies
  • Incorporate more fruits and veggies
  • Workout 3-4 times a week
  • Continue eating “clean” to the best of my ability

Here are some resources I will be pulling from:
  • My sister Lyn and her inspirational blog.  She is my spiritual rock.
  • Made to Crave by Lisa Terkeurst
  • Accountability partners
  • Get Out of That Pit by Beth Moore, both the book and 40 Day Devotional Journal
  • Workout videos I already own and the gym membership I already hold
  • My plethora of cookbooks and online cooking/baking blogs
  • 100 Days of Real Food blog
  • The tips, guidelines, and information I have gathered through the years from LAWL, Weight Watchers, and friends.

I believe that if the only thing I get out of these life changes is to feel better, I will have succeeded.  I know you’ve heard the expression “you are what you eat,” right? Well, recently I’ve been doing that.  And I’m not as young as I used to be, and I pay for it.  As Tosh says, I’m on the “wrong side of 25,” and I’m realizing this isn’t going to be as easy as it was in 2004.  But I have you, my readers, my 3FC friends Amy, Alannah, and Lettie who have been my friends and accountability partners for years now, my WW friends and accountability partners Kelly, Emily, and Kristen, my family, my husband, and last but not least, the accountability partners I have yet to meet through Bloggers Biggest Loser.

So, you guys and gals ready to do this together? Are you ready to make 2012 be the last year you're uncomfortable or unhappy with your current weight?  We CAN and WILL do this.

My first mini-goal: 10 pounds. See my post on the importance of losing only 10 pounds here!

Don't forget to link back up with us in 2 weeks to report your first loss!!

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