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I am so excited to be linking up once again on Pretty Shiny Sparkly for the Bloggers Do It Better group! This is only my second link-up with them (you can see my first one, Animal Print, here), and I am so excited to see what my co-bloggers come up with! I have met a few blogger friends from the Animal Print link-up, and I am beyond excited to meet new bloggers!

I had been Christmas shopping at Kohl's and of course wondered over to just "look" for myself.  Well, I ended up leaving with a sweater and this tank.  I did exercise enough restraint to pick it in one color at least, right? There were at least 5 colors, but I went with the off white with gold sequins for something different.

Tank: Apt9, Kohl's
Sweater: Apt9, Kohl's
Jeans: Calvin Klein, Macy's
Bag: B. Makowsky
Hair Tutorial: here
Shoes: Kohl's (not shown, but similar here.)

I did the mini-bun technique to do my hair, but it didn't turn out as well as last time, due to my laziness.  See, my hair is long.  And thick.  And I have a LOT of it.  And it takes forever to do anything with.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my hair, it just takes quite an effort to style.  I didn't take the time to actually twist the hair into buns, but rather twirled it, then wrapped it around my fingers and pinned it to my head.  As a result, I was left with frizz and a lion's mane.  I actually did 3-4 buns properly, and luckily they were strategically placed (unplanned!) enough to make it presentable.

Except when the wind blew.  (Case and point above.) Halfway through the pictures, I gave in and pinned it back as you can see from some of the pictures. 

And one more to show off my Christmas present from the hubs...

This is only my second B. Makowsky bag, but I love them! They are quality leather bags which I know I will have for years.  The funny thing is my other one is green too, an army green bag you can see here.

And of course my nails coordinated:

Zoya Kendal
Sally Hansen Set the Stage

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