It Was A Good Day...Didn't Have to Even Use My AK

Of all the presents I received for Christmas, my favorite by far was this scarf from my brother Wes.  He's a USMC officer currently deployed and I miss him more than anything! He picked up one for my sister (in red) as well while he was in port awhile back in Djibouti. 

How beautiful is it? And it's so unique! Although Wes traded some of his own things for these scarves, he did it to help those in need in the streets living in absolute poverty.  Wes was very touched by the local people and just how poor they were.  This of course makes this scarf that much  more important to me!

I wore this New Year's Day to dinner at my in-laws house, wanting to be comfortable yet dying to show off my new scarf!

And it just so happened that the hubs was charging up his airsoft guns to take and use with our nephews, so I grabbed an AK-47.  An Airsoft AK.  I realized as I was creating this post that it could be misconstrued as offensive to some, but that was not the intention! It's just a joke...

Yes, I have 2 airsoft guns.  Both of which are pink. The hubs is holding one of my pink ones here:

And here I am back in 2008 with my P90:

Yep, they are Disney Honeymoon ears on my head! I've been married 3 years now, but I still occasionally put these babies on while cleaning or vacuuming or blogging...

So please tell me someone recognized the title of this post? Anyone?

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