Nipple Cream For Your Cuticles?!!?

Cuticle maintenance is very important to me as a nail connoisseur of sorts.  And now with it getting cold here most days (minus the 60 degree days like yesterday), it's important to maintain not only your dry skin, but your cuticles. 

I am still constructing my Manicure Musts Part II: Your Nails post, but you can see the Manicure Musts Part I: Preparation Products here. With proper maintenance and care of your cuticles, you'll never have to use this horrid creature:
Your cuticles are there for a reason, to stave off infection, and it will do you no good to nip them away!

So on to nipple cream.  I'm talking about Lansinoh nipple cream available in the baby isle at Target, Walmart, CVS, etc.  And it works wonders on your cuticles, as evident in the photo above. 

I want to advise you it's a thick formula, so maybe apply it before going to bed at night like I do to settle in most effectively. 

Here's a before and after for you, see the difference?

I hear it's great for chapped lips too!

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