A Weekend With My Sister

My sister Lyn and her two Cockapoos Dali and Jake spent the weekend in VA with my husband and I.  And I was in heaven.  She's without a doubt my best friend, and I miss her SO much.  She too is a blogger, blogging about being a Christian Social Worker as she finishes up her MSW through USC ( University of Southern Cali.) Her blog is called Social Work Confessions, you should check it out!

Seriously, how gorgeous is she??

She is the most stylish grad student I know!

Saturday we forced ourselves out of our comfy and warm pajama's and throws and dolled ourselves up for a shoot.  And we're both SO glad we did.  The pictures came out fabulously. 

It was bitter cold as you can see from our extremities. We were only out there about 15 minutes, but managed to get about 120+ pictures.

I missed her the moment she drove off, but I am already planning for her next visit, including a few shoots.  Look at these pictures she took, why wouldn't I? She said this one epitomized my "sass:"

Later this week I'll be posting a tutorial for my hair here, it's become my go-to hair style.  The curl stays in for 2-3 days. No lie.

And just a shot on the way back to the car, doesn't this look like a wallpaper background? What a charming apartment!

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