Mani: Revlon Starry Pink

As many of you know, I'm still recovering from a bad reaction to the side effects of and the actual NuvaRing.  This has been a rough few weeks, but I just HAD to go all out hte other night and do a proper manicure.  My mother in law and my sister in law Abbe both would periodically check my nails to see if I was on the mend, and up until this week I guess I wan't! You see, I let my nails go. I didn't paint them, shape them, moisturize them, or ANYTHING for over 4 weeks. I will warn you ahead of time this is not pretty.  I had painted a clear coat of OPI Nail Envy on right before I got sick, so that is what is peeling.  And my ring finger is stained from a certain Finger Paints polish from Christmas..

The good news is they grew to a beautiful length.  The bad news, my cuticles grew in with a vengeance, and I ended up ripping off all my long beautiful nails anyways.  So they required an investment of 45 minutes, some Pandora, and some intense work on my cuticles.  The end result still has me smiling, I can't stop looking at my nails. No lie.
Saturday I didn't have much planned after housework, etc., so I decided to give myself a proper manicure.  When my nails are super short, I like to use pale pinks, and I was wanting to share this color with you anyways.

This color was very popular when it first came out, and is available at any drugstore or Target or Walmart. It's a pale pink with silver glitter and hexagons in it.

Oh, and don't you love my iPhone case?

I seriously can't stop staring at it.  Isn't it gorgeous?

I'm Still Here!

I've been horribly sick for the last three and a half weeks and am happy to report I'm FINALLY on the mend. I debated sharing what I was struggling with, but decided if there's someone else out there with a similar problem I may help them, even if it's just to know they're not alone.

So, long story short, I changed birth control. To the NuvaRing. And it messed me up something fierce, both while I was on it and even worse when I went off it. I guess I should have known what it would do to me, having had similar problems while on the patch a few years ago, and later the pill. While on hormonal birth control I have severe heart palpitations, anxiety, rapid weight loss, no appetite, depression, nausea, etc. Basically I was crawing out of my skin while vomiting. Not pretty. and yes, weight loss sounds great, but not 14lbs in less than 2 weeks.

It's actually amazing how much your hormones affect your body! I literally went from bed to the couch for 2 weeks. I ate a few tablespoons of soup a day, and moved from that to toast and tea, and have just this week started eating normal foods. This morning is the first morning I woke up happy. Actually wanting to get out of bed and start my day. This detox was so debilitating. I'm eternally thankful to my mother in law, my husband, my beautiful sister Lyn, my sisters-in-laws Dawn and Abbe, and my friend Marc for everything they did through this ordeal. Without my family I don't know how I would have survived this. My mother in law literally force fed me and brought me back to life. I love her more than anything.

And now for some good news...Wes is home! In the midst of all of this, we drove to NC to welcome home the USS Bataan and more importantly my little brother Wibaux! (Pronounced Wee-bow). Here are some highlights:

Waiting in line for our base permit:

My mother in law had this AWESOME idea for t-shirts welcoming him home:

Oh, maybe this is the correct order:

We had a few hours of downtime while we waited.

Then we heard his bus was on it's way from the armory!!

And then there he was. Literally the LAST one off the LAST bus.

How handsome is he?!?

Then we all went back to Wes' house to chill out and watch the Superbowl. Who am I kidding...we were WAY more excited to see his German Shepherd Liesl see her daddy:

It was a fabulous weekend and I am so glad he's home after a 10+ month deployment! I am so proud to say Lieutenant Peek is my little brother!