Mani: Revlon Starry Pink

As many of you know, I'm still recovering from a bad reaction to the side effects of and the actual NuvaRing.  This has been a rough few weeks, but I just HAD to go all out hte other night and do a proper manicure.  My mother in law and my sister in law Abbe both would periodically check my nails to see if I was on the mend, and up until this week I guess I wan't! You see, I let my nails go. I didn't paint them, shape them, moisturize them, or ANYTHING for over 4 weeks. I will warn you ahead of time this is not pretty.  I had painted a clear coat of OPI Nail Envy on right before I got sick, so that is what is peeling.  And my ring finger is stained from a certain Finger Paints polish from Christmas..

The good news is they grew to a beautiful length.  The bad news, my cuticles grew in with a vengeance, and I ended up ripping off all my long beautiful nails anyways.  So they required an investment of 45 minutes, some Pandora, and some intense work on my cuticles.  The end result still has me smiling, I can't stop looking at my nails. No lie.
Saturday I didn't have much planned after housework, etc., so I decided to give myself a proper manicure.  When my nails are super short, I like to use pale pinks, and I was wanting to share this color with you anyways.

This color was very popular when it first came out, and is available at any drugstore or Target or Walmart. It's a pale pink with silver glitter and hexagons in it.

Oh, and don't you love my iPhone case?

I seriously can't stop staring at it.  Isn't it gorgeous?

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