EBEW: Green With Envy

There's absolutely NOTHING special about this post.  Seriously.  I debated not participating in Everybody Everywhere as a result of these sub-par photos, but then I remembered the pictures mean something more to me. 

I like to think EBEW: Green is what got me back to the gym today for the first time since before Christmas.  Yep, I've slacked off that much. 

Thanks also to the inspiration of my friend Mandy from In the Fashion Lane, who has been working out religiously and it shows! I love her instagram posts before the gym showing off her cute workout clothes, as well as her posting her progress while at the gym.  She without a doubt got me excited to go to the gym again.

I really think without having to take these pictures today I would not have made it to the gym.  Thanks EBEW!

On a side not, bloggers that use the Canon T3- any pointers on preventing this?

My Canon P&S has the face detect time setting and this never happens.  A remote? Has anyone tried the DSLR remote apps for iPhone? Help!

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