Finding My Style

Since I've been out of work I've been trying to do some improvements on our house.  When we bought the house in September of 2009 it was definitely "move-in" ready, we just wanted to make some cosmetic changes on the main part of the house to make it our own.  I say the main part of the house because when we bought the house, there was a 1000 sq ft. addition that was 85% finished.  We have since finished the addition, but have it sealed off to save on heating costs.  The rest of the house is a total of ~2500 sq ft, so there is plenty of room for the two of us. 

I recently noticed that I was falling into a trap of my own making.  I would look online and in tons of magazines to find inspiration, and be more than frustrated when I couldn't go out and spend tons of money to exactly duplicate the room.  I found myself wanting to mirror these inspirational photos rather than use them as a guide or reference point.  Case and point:

This picture is from a Pottery Barn catalog a few years back that I ripped out and saved.  When it came time to renovate our living room, I wanted to duplicate this.  But why? Where is the fun in that? Why wouldn't I use it as a guide and adjust it to our style? I did the best with what we had, and am proud to say that the only money we spend for the renovated living room was for the paint and the curtains.  You can see the full post here

Within the last few weeks while I was battling sickness, I have taken on a new perspective when it comes to our home.  It's our home.  I can decorate it however I want.  I can incorporate whatever I want, and in doing so create my own style.  ( I say I because I have an amazing husband who allows me the freedom to decorate how I want!)

First up, my office.  I decided not to sell lia sophia anymore, so my collection has been sold and/or relocated, so I am currently redecorating from this:

to this:

I love the idea of using my accessories and shoes as decorations, a tip I picked up from one of the Real Housewives shows.  This is currently in transition, but here are some other improvements to my office I've made of late:

-Added a spare shelf we had around not being used to store my blog, nail, photography, and other pink things!:
Picked up a table top-bodice/mannequin:

And decided to showcase two sentimental items, a quilt my Grandmother made and a teddy from my love:

Next up is my dresser in the master bedroom:

And the living room:

It's a start in the right direction.  And any time I'm I see these areas in their respective rooms, it makes me smile.  Because I designed it and it's a style all my own.

How have you incorporated your own style into your home?

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