Gel Manicures and the Beach

While I was reading the latest issue of NailPro Magazine, I came across an article about some of the hottest gel-manicure colors, all surrounded by themes of the beach.  Of course I had to share this with you! One, it's NAIL POLISH.  Two, it involves the BEACH

Source: NailPro Digital Magazine

This last one is my favorite!

I've never had a gel manicure, and can't see myself getting one anytime soon.  I paint my nails so frequently, I'd be heartbroken to not be able to change my polish daily if I'd like! I've considered getting a gel manicure for vacations, wedding weekends, etc. but then I remembered that I pack nail polish tools and paints everywhere I go.  It's just as important as underwear for me!

Have you had a gel manicure? What did you think?

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  1. I Have had the CND shellac. Usually last 10-14 days for me. But I missed my fun nail colors, just too limited. But is great for a special occasion, ie vacation.