Interview Fab

These pictures are actually from back in January, right before I got sick, so I never got to post them.  I'm still struggling with my new camera, but am determined to take self-portraits with it someday! For now, I'll stick with my Canon P&S.  It has a face-detect timer on it and takes great pictures, whereas this camera takes all my pictures like this:

I decided this interview I was going to go as myself, not an uptight bland version of myself.  So, I put together this fabulous outfit, and got called for a second interview, hey! I've gone to interviews like this, with my hair long and flowing, and I've gone with it wrapped up tight in a bun, it doesn't seem to make a difference.  So, I'll go as myself, it's proven to work better for me every time. 

Sorry for some grump faces, it was SO bright out there that day!

I'm still working up the nerve to take OOTD posts anywhere besides my backyard by myself.  When my sister's here, it's so much easier! Next time she visits I'm going to stock up on OOTD pics!

Suit: Lane Bryant (here)
Shell: Lane Bryant (here)
Shoes: Nine West
Bag: Dooney & Bourke
Necklace: Guess
Scarf: Target
Sunglasses: Oscar de la Renta

Unfortunately I got sick right after this and lost about 20 pounds, so this beautiful, expensive suit no longer fits me.  I'm thinking next time I go up to NJ I'll find a good tailor, which will make it even MORE fabulous!

This interview was for a Recruiter for the University of Virginia, and needless to say as flattering as it was to be one of two finalists, I was quite heart broken to get the thanks, but no thanks letter!

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