Mani: Ozotic 513

Those of you that follow me on instagram, remember this beauty from last week? Well, I am OBSESSED.  IN LOVE.  IN AWE.  Seriously, just take a minute to check out this Ozotic 513 Spam:

The beauty of this holographic nail polish is that it's holo even without sunlight.  These are shots inside, at night, with a daylight lightbulb and the lights on my desk.  Even though I'm rocking a fabulous magnetic manicure right now, I'm tempted to remove it and repaint this!

Here it is the next day in the sunlight. Isn't it magnificent??!??!?

By the next day my top coat, Seche Vite had begun to shrink the polish, but that's ok, it's still gorgeous.  Oh, and another reason I love it? My birthday is May 13, get it? 513?

This was an investment though, I'll be honest.  Ozotics retail at $18, but after shipping it was still cheaper to pick it up on eBaY for $22.  Definitely worth EVERY penny.  I can't wait to pick up a few more!

What do you think of holographic nail polishes?

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