Monday, March 12, 2012

My Favorite App's: iPad Edition

As I was sitting watching tv with the hubs the other night all the while attached to my ipad, I decided to share some of my favorite apps I use daily on my ipad. 

Page 1-Default
-The app's on page 1 are pretty much the standard app's on any iPad.  The only difference is my YouVersion app, which is the Bible.  What is so awesome about this app is there are literally thousands  of translations and versions of the Bible, daily devotional plans on pretty much any topic, the ability to listen to live broadcasts, as well as other customizable perks. 

Page 2-Blog/Social Media
-I've saved a few common sites I visit as shortcuts rather than just bookmarks for easy access.  Among them: Blogger Dashboard, Bloglovin' feed, Love Maegan (love her hair and nail tutorials!), Makeup Alley (where I get to talk with fellow nail enthusiasts as well as read reviews on other beauty products,) Pinterest, Google eReader, where I file  my weekly unemployment, and of course my blog!

Social Media
-Twitter (@PinkofPerfect)
-My Fitness Pal (username: PinkofPerfect)
-Facebook (I actually use a shortcut for this as well as the iPad Facebook app sucks.)

Blog Stuffs
-Fashion Police App (LOVE that show!)
-Blogpress (only to post sporadically, freezes frequently and the pics suck!)
-Sephora (love reading their Beauty Report and being able to shop right from the app)
-Sticky Notes App (for keeping track of random blog ideas, nail polish names, etc.)

Page 3-Magazines and Miscellaneous
-People, Allure, Glamour, Real Simple, Self- all free apps, just attached my print subscription.
-NailPro Magazine App- LOVE looking at current nail trends, art, and new collections coming out!

-eBaY, Indeed Job Search, and Amazon apps
-List Master App: allows me to have my entire collection of nail polishes at hand (with pics!)

Page 4- Photography
-Photobucket: allows me to take pictures, upload pictures, share pictures, and most importantly post a direct link for a picture to MUA showing off my mani!
-Instagram: the reason I purchased an iPhone.  The best photo sharing app EVER.  Allows you to take a picture, apply a finish (mostly vintage looking,) share in your feed (much like a Facebook feed,) and to Twitter and Facebook.
-Postal Pix: I haven't used this yet, but I believe is how you can order prints of pictures you've taken thru Instagram.
-PhotoToaster, Percolator, PhotoCrop and Flickr:  Photo editing software
-iPhoto: I haven't used this either, but this is a recent addition and I can't wait to start playing with it!
-Skype: Awesome for skyping with my blogger friends! Only bummer: group calls the camera does not work, just sound and microphone.

Page 5- Games
-Words with Friends HD (Username: PinkofPerfect)
-DrawSomething (Username: PinkofPerfect) The equivalent of Pictionary. Quite addicting.
-TradeNations -Much like a SimCity, you create a village and share with friends.

For the hubs
-Touch Tanks
-Command and Conquer Red Alert

Page 6-Media
TV Channels
-Allows me to catch missed shows and try new ones. This past week NBC surprised me...I wanted to show my mother in law the Real Housewives of Disney, and I was able to search and play it on the app.

-DirecTV: a must for DirecTV customers.  Able to search shows, movies, etc. and schedule recordings.  It also allows me to watch live tv on my ipad! I believe I have to be on my home network to do this though.  I'm sure Comcast/Xfinity has caught up and created an app of their own at this point!

-Praise 103.9- Allows me to listen to my favorite radio station out of Philly!
-SpiritFM- allows me to listen to a local Christian station

-USA Today
-The Weather Channel

Page 7- Cooking
-Annie's Eats
-Real Food

-Cooking Light
-All Recipes
-Martha Stewart Cookies
-Food Network- my favorite!

So now you know what's on my ipad! What are your favorite app's? Can you recommend some new ones for me?


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