Green is the New Pink: Earth Day Stamps

In honor of Earth Day Sunday, and our $6.82 electric bill from March, I wanted to post the special edition stamps from the USPS.  Recently I've been making quite a few trips to the post office between etsy orders and email, and every time I see these stamps and think how awesome they are. 

I started a segment called 'Green is the New Pink' a few weeks back and I apologize for not updating more often! I have things in mind, I just stumble with the whole implementation step. The idea behind 'Green is the New Pink' is that you don't have to be a stereotypical tree-hugger to be green.  We can all make small steps, as stated above to "reduce our environmental footprint." All of the above steps can be taken with little to no expense to you! Granted, some may not be relevant to your area, but if you research enough, maybe there's something you can do to start it!

As I mentioned above, our electric bill in March was $6.82.  I am serious.  Here is the proof:

How do we do this:
-Throw on sweats rather than turning up the heat a few degrees (drives me crazy to go to people's homes when they walk around in a tee shirt and shorts in the winter and have their heat up over 70.)
-Switch to energy-efficient lighting
-Turn off lights in rooms where no one is
-Insulated windows
-We have a large home with almost 75% of it not being used. We shut off these rooms' vents, and seal under the doors.
-My husband's solar panels

Remember, it's the little things we can do that make the biggest differences! If you're new to all this, schedule an in-home energy efficiency audit! Contact me for more information!

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