Spring Break Part I: Frontier Culture

It's not like I need a spring break, but why not piggy back on others'? First off, a trip to the Frontier Culture Museum in Staunton, VA with my father in law, sister in law, nieces, and my husband.  I've lived here 3 years, driven past there countless times, yet am just now getting there.  The Frontier Culture Museum is a unique experience displaying different cultures, their journey to America, and how the cultures molded together to become Americans!

The museum is hands-on in that each culture is represented by a home which was brought over from the respected cultures.  Depending on when you go, there are actors in costume which will put on a demonstration for you depicting the duties, responsibilities, and details of the home life of that culture.  First up, an African farm from the 1700's:

Some scenic shots on the way to the English Farmhouse:

The English Farmhouse:

Then onto the Irish Forge:

Then to the 1700s Irish Farmhouse:

I may or may not have been paying attention and taking pictures of my manicure...

Then to my heritage, the German House:

Aren't these chickens gorgeous? They looked like they were wearing a coat of black lace!

Then on to the Americas:

And one more shot of my nails for good luck:

My manicure is Zoya 'Robyn' ($8, Ulta or Zoya.com) and WnW Spoiled 'My Saturn Broke Down' ($1.99, CVS)

Overall it was an awesome experience and I'm glad I finally got there! Who knows how many other gems I've missed here in the Valley that are right under my nose?

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