FBFF: The Joys of Instagram

This week for FBFF we're talking about instagram and how it affects our blogging. Personally, instagram has done wonders for my entire blogging experience, from attracting new folllowers, finding new blogs to follow, advertising my etsy business, meeting new friends, and last of not least advertising what I currently have on the blog!

I would say I use instagram most to showcase my manicures. Go figure, right?

I also use instagram to find ideas of other manis thanks to a few nail friends like Perfectly Imperfect Jenn, Real Girl Glam, Life of Vicki, For the Love of..., Once Bitten Blog, and Love Maegan. Go check them out!

I also love instagram for the lifestyle aspect, taking pictures of daily life.  This could be food at a restaurant, pictures of my love and me, family, friends, travel, etc. 

As a fashion/style blogger (who definitely doesn't share enough OOTD posts,) I love sharing new stylish pieces, hair styles, etc. looking for pointers. What better place to ask for feedback than a panel of fashion/style blogger friends?

Instagram has also allowed me an outlet to advertise my stationery from my etsy shop.  Anytime I have a new design, I make sure to post a photo of it to share! It's where the idea to start an etsy business started, so why not give back?

Lastly, I will use instagram to advertise what I have on the blog that day!

What are your favorite things about instagram?

If you're not following me, find me! I love meeting new instagram friends!

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