Have you heard of this magazine? A few months ago while at Barnes & Noble with my mother-in-law, I saw this gem on the shelf and was immediately hooked.  It's everything I've been looking for in a Christian, stylish, beautiful little package. 

It's about celebrating the beautiful things in life, hence the title, and isn't stuffy, legalistic, or boring like many Christian publications.  It's real life.  It includes recipes, articles, prayer calendars, style advice, beauty products, Bible-reading calendars, and the best part, downloadable templates like these:
Here are a few snapshots from their website of what's inside:

Sorry they're so blurry...go buy the magazine, it's worth it!

I was not compensated for my opinion, I just love this magazine. It's published 4 times a year, with the subscription price not much less than buying it on the stand at $4.95/issue.

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