#ManicureMonday: The New Black Purple Ombre Manicure

I am in love with the ombre manicure, and can't believe it's taken me a year to do it.  There's a few ways I could have done this, but I took the easy route and purchased an ombre set from Sephora, The New Black.

Considering my nail polish collection (post to come soon, maybe a vlog?) I could have easily done an ombre manicure with 5 existing colors.  There's also a way to use one color (one bottle of purple,) and a bottle of white nail polish.  Using a manicure stick, you can mix the two colors in varying amounts to achieve 5 shades of the same polish.  This is a little more difficult and time consuming, oh, and messy! It can also be difficult as some nail polishes won't mix well and can bubble or ripple.

This set was expensive at $22, but I had some birthday money to spend so I went for it.  I would LOVE the other sets, they come in brown, pink, blue, and greys.

Is the ombre manicure a trend you'd try? What color would you use?

I am linking up with Heather over at Glitter and Gloss for Mani Monday, go see all the other manicures!


  1. I love the ombré! I think I'd like to try this next week. I will report back! :). Thanks for the comment. I am following you now! :)

  2. Whaaaa yours looks way better my colors were too far apart. I'll have to buy some updated colors like yours