Me & My Accessories: iPhone Cases

Anyone who knows me is aware I am an accessories freak.  Whether it's for my phone, my bags, my sunglasses (that i have displayed on a wine rack,) sports/working out, etc. I must have the entire array of accessories that go along with it.  And preferably in pink or animal skin.

I'll be honest, before I even got the iPhone, I was dreaming of the cases I'd get. I've had the phone since February and I have at least 11 cases. Not counting the ones on the way. 

With the exception of the Tory Burch case, I haven't spent more than $7 on one, so what's the harm, right? Here are some individual shots of my favorites.  The purple one is from TJMaxx (an emergency buy the day I got the phone,) and the white plastic one was a clearance impulse buy from Target. The rest are from ebay.  If you can't find them, email me and I'll tell you the name of the seller I got them from.

The case on the right I have in pink and in white, and regardless of the hardshell case I have on, my phone goes in here.  This is to protect it from the dangers that are my bags, specifically the face.  I got the white one at Target a few years ago (~$15?) and this pink one I picked up about 3 weeks ago at Five Below.  Speaking of which... pretty much any case you see at Target you can get at Five Below for under $5.  That store is the shiznit.

What are some of your favorite cases? Any I should check out? I've been eyeing a few Kate Spade, Marc Jacobs, etc. on ebay. 


  1. Will you send me the seller? All I have is one clear case that I can't even fit a pretty piece of scrapbook paper behind to personalize it so mine is super boring. I refuse to spend a bunch of money on these as well.
    Love your collection!

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