Recipe: Perfect Iced Coffee

This is a repost from my food blogging days, so I apologize to those who have seen this before. 

Perfect Iced Coffee
Source: The Pioneer Woman


-1 lb. bag of coffee grinds (stronger the better)
-2 gallons cold water


1. In a large container, bucket, pitcher (whatever will fit 2 gallons)- empty the grinds, followed by the 2 gallons of water. Stir until all grinds are wet. Cover and let sit minimum 8 hours.

2.) After 8 hours or more, strain the concoction through cheesecloth and a strainer into a container. This takes time, but worth it. Hang in there!

3.) What is left is amazing. You can use this for up to a month in the fridge if you keep it sealed.

-I didn't buy a 16oz (1 lb) bag of coffee, didn't even realize I bought 12 oz. I just adjusted to 1.5 gallons instead.
-I didn't buy strong enough. I used Eight O'clock Coffee Original, but will go with something stronger next time.
-I bought a $5 lemonade/tea container from Target in the summer section that has a spout.  Perfect for keeping in the fridge.

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  1. I've been looking for a good iced coffee recipe...I love the stuff but I just HATE spending a lot of money on it because I tend to drink it faster than regular coffee. I'm definitely going to try this recipe!!