8 Steps to Healthy Hands

My reading material of late has been centered upon nails. Go figure. My most recent reads, both by Leigh Toselli, have been very informative about hand & nail care, treatments, techniques, polishes, etc. I am at least halfway through A Complete Guide to Manicure & Pedicure, with a gift from my sister Re up next, PRO Nail Care. I plan on making this a blog series, title yet unknown, sharing with you some tips, techniques, and simple steps for healthier hands, feet, and nails.

I’d like to start with sharing some tips to healthy hands. {Source}


8 Steps to Healthy Hands

1.) Eat right. Choose foods that are healthy and as close to natural as possible. Vary the type of fruits and vegetables you eat.

2.) Drink at least six glasses of pure water a day to keep the skin moisturized inside and out.

3.) Get the sleep your body needs- usually six to eight hours.

4.) Wear sunscreen and protective clothing to avoid over exposing your skin to the elements. Some sunshine is necessary but today’s suntan is tomorrow’s aging skin.

5.) Avoid temperature extremes and harsh detergents- rather was with mild cleansers. As a normal skin function, sweat and sebaceous glands routinely rid the body of toxins and wastes.

6.) Protect your hands with moisturizing creams, sunscreen or the appropriate gloves when exposing your hands to abrasive or environmental elements.

7.) Before you go to sleep, rub a rich hand cream or petroleum jelly into hands and nails, massaging around cuticles to nourish and stimulate growth. Then cover with an old pair of cotton gloves. Keep the gloves on overnight, allowing the heat of your hands to work with the moisturizer to provide a ‘hot-oil’ style treatment.

8.) Exercise. When faced with repetitive tasks, take time out to stretch and wiggle your fingers, wrists, hands and arms to maintain normal range of movement.

What are your go-to hand products? Here are a few of mine:

Stay tuned for more tips such as Nail-Care coming soon.


  1. I can't get enough! I cleaned out my purse yesterday and had like 3-4 eos products, 2 of which were the same. Yikes! ;)