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As you can probably tell from reading my blog or just knowing me IRL, I love accessories.  No matter what they're accessories for, I have them.  My older brother teases me that I don't start something without all the proper accessories, and the funny thing is he's right.

A few weeks ago I shared a post on my iPhone cases (see it here,) and I decided that I should make it a series.  Why not? I also posted on my Zumba and Tennis accessory requirements here, check it out!

I've now had my iPad a little over a year, and I cannot imagine life without it.  My sister Re had one first, and I told myself it's a larger variation of my iPod touch, and I already had a nook, laptop, and said iPod touch and didn't need it.  Then came my much anticipated graduation in May and I accumulated a little bit of money and I wanted to get something substantial with it.  So I invested in an iPad2 and never looked back.  I ordered it directly from Apple and had my full name and graduation date engraved on the back.  To me it symbolized 10 long years of acquiring my college degree. 

You can see my post on my must-have apps for the iPad here, but time for the accessories! And by accessories, I mean cases.  And a stylus.

First up, the 'Smart Cover:'

This is by far my case that gets the most use, it's on my iPad 99% of the time.  Not only does it protect the screen, it puts the iPad to sleep upon closure and provides 2 different stands.

I believe the smart cover through Apple is $39.99, correct me if I'm wrong? I picked mine up on eBay for about $20 and it's a genuine Apple smart cover. 

To go along with the smart cover I have two hard cover cases for the actual iPad that fit with the smart cover:

I saw this Belkin one at Target, but couldn't bring myself to buy it.  I believe it was $30 in the store. Believe me, it took a few trips around the store in my cart on numerous occasions, but always ended up back on the shelf.  I ended up purchasing it on eBay for $17 with shipping. Not bad, right?

These are both eBay finds as well, and I don't know which one I like more.  I love the striped pattern of the black one, but I really like how the pink creates a pink frame on my iPad while it's on:

Now onto my fun cases:

This is my latest iPad purchase, a $5 investment at Big Lots yesterday.  I actually remember looking at these online a few times, but didn't pull the trigger on buying one.  Then I walk into Big Lots yesterday in the pursuit of philosophy makeup (post to come!) and saw this baby for $5! They also had a blue/orange one.

I picked this one up at Target full price (gasp!) a year ago when I purchased the iPad.  I was traveling and needed a case ASAP and didn't have time to wait on an eBay order.  Oh, and I really wanted it. Not only is it absolutely adorable, it's practical.  The white leather strap at the top is connected to a strip that extends to the inside of the case.  This makes it super easy to get the iPad out, with one pull of the strap it extends enough to grab it.  And for someone who has wet nails 65% of her life, this is a lifesaver. 

This absolutely adorable case was a Christmas gift from my sister Re.  I love the animal print most, I am a Jersey girl you know! My favorite part about this case though is the support it gives my iPad.  Many cases like this (maybe I see it more with my nook color?) do not support the electronic device and it can easily slip out.  Not only is it secure, it doesn't block the screen, which you can see from the next case can be an annoyance.

My husband borrowed me iPad the other night and returned it to me with this picture as the wallpaper stating this is one of his favorite pictures of me.  So it stayed.

I picked this case up a few months ago for $3 at TJMaxx.  It initially caught my eye because of it's peacock design, isn't it pretty?

The only down side to this is what I touched on earlier, the straps kind of get in the way of the screen.  Other than that, it's a fun case!

If I had it to do again, I'd probably skip the stylus.  Since the initial fun using it when I first bought it, I haven't used it.  I saw this at Best Buy this past fall in their back to school section for about $25-30, but picked it up on eBay for $15.  I actually saw these at Target yesterday in a variety of colors in their Apple store.  When I was playing Draw Something daily, this was a big help with being able to draw details, but since then just sits in my pen holder. 

That's it for now, any iPad accessories you have that you love and think I should pick up?

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