Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Then Peter replied, we must obey God rather than men.
-Acts 5:29

Maintaining healthy relationships occasionally requires confrontation.  That means you must say no even when the other party want to hear yes. It means you may have to chose to do something you know the other party won't approve of, if you know it is the right choice for you. You must follow God, not man.

If you have not been confrontational, making a change will not be easy.  Once you develop a pattern of pleasing people out of fear, it takes a genuine step of faith to break the pattern.

I was very afraid of my father, and telling him no just didn't seem to be an option.  When I left home, I fell into the same habit with other people who had personalities similar to his.  I had difficulty maintaining my freedom, especially with strong-willed people.  If the other person had a domineering personality, I always ended up being controlled.  True freedom was something foreign to me.  I did not know how to give other people freedom, and I did not know how to stand up for my own right to be free. 

Seek and practice truth, even if it's the harder route. 

The Confident Woman Devotional, Joyce Meyer
July 14


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