Monday, August 6, 2012

Palette Cleansing Manicure: OPI Ballet Collection

Although I'm loving all the bright colors, neons, and creative manicures I've been doing recently, I was really in the mood to go with a more neutral manicure. Manicure Monday has challenged me to come up with new ideas and to finally recreate some manicures, but this week I needed a palette cleanser.

This was really difficult to capture accurately, it really came across as mannequin hands.  Then again since I've committed to staying out of the sun I'm as pale as Casper!

To achieve this manicure I used CND Stickey Basecoat, 4 (thin) coats of OPI 'Barre My Soul', one coat of 'Pirouette My Whistle' on my ring fingers, and topped it off with Essie 'Good to Go.'

Before I go, I want to leave you with a little nail tip.  I get questions and compliments frequently as to how do I get my manicures painted so perfectly? The majority of the time I don't.  I use an eyeliner brush (elf, Target, $2) and a little glass votive (Sally Beauty Supply, ~$1) to clean where I painted on my fingers and cuticles:

I recommend using a stronger nail polish remover, such as an 100% acetone one, but any polish remover will do.

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


  1. Such a pretty mani! I love the nude. I haven't found that perfect nude yet, but I think that nude might be the one.
    I hope you have a fantastic Monday!

  2. Love that color! I saw that collection but was wanting to see it on someone and now you made me fall in love!

  3. Loving the neutral with a hint of glitter...very girly!

  4. I really LOVE the neutral look! How pretty with the glitter. :)


    P.S. Im hosting a giveaway from Inspired Nails. They make sweet nail decals and such! If you're interested, come on over and enter!

  5. What a beautiful muted mani! I've been reaching for neutrals lately and I love this!!


  6. I love the sparkle, and the underplayed manis perfect for the biz world! Lovely!

  7. I need a neutral mani every now and then too. And I love your idea for cleaning up the edges! I usually just wait til I shower to take pictures, since that mostly clears it up :)

  8. Wow! You've just blown my mind - thank you! I've been using a q-tip for so long! I actually have a brush like that in my linen closet that I don't use. I had the OPI correction pin for a while, but wore it out.

    Definitely trying the brush next time! Love the accent nail on for this manicure. I think I might try that the next time I do a neutral one.

  9. Love the beautiful neutral with a touch of sparkle!

  10. That brush idea is so good! I have some really pointed q-tips but they don't always work the way I want them to. Thank you! I now know who I should go to for all my nail questions :)

  11. Okay, i think I need Pirouette My Whistle now. So pretty!

  12. I love this manicure!!

    Have a fantastic day! Drop by and say hi!

  13. Hi Amy. Love this girly mani. I totally have the essentials for this one among my mealy nail polish collection of 5 bottles. Awesomeness. Following your pretty blog from the GFC hop!

  14. I love the nude! I am jealous of how cheap OPI is in the states! Another reason I need to visit!

    Toni x

  15. Loving this color :) So glad I found your blog via the hop!!!!

  16. Ahhh we all need that palette cleanse :) I recently did butterLONDON's Teddy Girl as one, but I wound up LOVING the pastel pink! And your tip... THANK YOU! Never thought of that, I always just wait until my next shower and rub/scrape off the mistakes.
    Smart n Snazzy


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