Pretty Perfection: Fall Gel Nail Colors

I saw this article in the September issue of NailPro magazine and had to share it with you. Hands down, I think this is the best advertisement I've seen for nail polish. Combining pink, flowers, pretty girls, fashion, Paris, and everything that is glamorous just makes me so happy I'm a girl.

Seeing these pictures reminded me in a way of being a child again and playing make believe with my mom and sister.  Whether we were playing with paper dolls, barbies, play mobile, or looking at books, we would find 'ourselves' and determine which girl was us. This girl is obviously me- look at all that pink!

This would be my niece Hannah- she loves the color grey and wears it so well! Hannah always rocks the side-hairstyle that I envy!

For some reason this made me think of my mom- maybe it's the green polish that reminds me of her green eyes or the grace in which she carries herself.

This of course would be my husband, surrounded by blue things, patiently waiting for me.

This picture epitomizes my sister Lyn-minus the baby bottle in the bag. She is so chic and sophisticated,I picture her catching a cup of coffee at a small shop before heading off to teach a class on social work.

Did you enjoy these pictures as much as I did? So much of blogging for me has become the pure joy of looking at pretty things!


  1. What brand are these colors for??

  2. Wow this is pretty amazing!!! I initially thought you made them!

  3. I'm with you, Amy! Great advertising (and yes, blogging makes you appreciate pretty things even more!). LOVE!

  4. Beautiful pictures! The orange/yellow one is my favorite. I just love all that orange! Makes me think of this Kate Spade diaper bag I should have bought

  5. I love that sort of line art. The fact that it's combined with nail polish makes it pure win!
    xx Ren @

  6. So cute! I'd love a nice taupe or grey nail polish. Yes, I just spelled grey with an "e" : ) I'm still nervous about gel nail polish - I heard you have to go back so that they can take it off?? Does that do something bad to your nails? But two weeks chip free...that's pretty awesome.

  7. You're right - such a great ad! Hmm..I just love fall colors. :)


  8. These are beautiful gel colors! Love the pictures and how you associated them to the people you love :)

    xo Teresa