Friday, December 14, 2012

Linky Love


Happy Friday Friends! How adorably amazing are these Kate Spade Christmas cards? And of course they're sold out everywhere.  I found them on one site, but I kept getting security warnings from my computer and decided to play it safe and not order them. Pity though, because these are SO me.  I may try to recreate for a print in my office.

In lieu of a post from me today I'd like to share a few link loves I found this week from some of my favorite blogs.  Amidst all the office renovations, holiday activities, and getting sick, I haven't been devoting time to my blog, wardrobe, or my nails.  The horror!
*  *  *
For those of you with little ones, or for those of you who just love having fun with food, check out these Olive Penguins, aren't they adorable?
*  *  *
Did you see that Pantone named Emerald the 2013 color of the year? I'm happy, not only is it my birthstone, it's one of my favorite jewel tones.  Check out the Pantone Changeable DIY for an easy and colorful decoration in your home.
*  *  *
Do you love giving and getting ready-made baking mixes? How about whipping up a Brownie Mix to give away in a rustic decorated mason jar?
*  *  *
Hope you have an amazing weekend friends, I plan on beating this cold, putting up the tree, and gearing up for the start of my new job on Monday!


  1. Aw thanks for including my penguins =)

    I didn't realize you hadn't started the new gig yet. Good luck Monday!

  2. Adorable cards! Too bad they are sold out :(


  3. Aww thanks for including my Pantone DIY lovely!!!
    Love those cards!


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