Monday, January 21, 2013

Mani Monday: A England Saint George

I am ashamed to say this polish has sat on my shelves for easily 6 months as an untried. Anytime I went to wear it, it was cloudy and overcast, discouraging me from using a holo. Is this color not magnificent? My friend Kelly said it should be named 'Saint Gorg' and I am inclined to agree.

This actually photographs very well, and very true to color.  Although nowhere near as flattering, here are some inside shots with a flash:

A England is considered an indie polish and can be purchased here for $10. I am seriously lemming a few of the others from this collection, specifically Dragon and Lady of the Lake. Yeah, amazing, right? 


  1. such a fab color!

  2. Love your blog always Aims. You make me feel like fashion isn't just in mags or only for 5'10" size 00 models!

  3. LOVE this color! I'd say this one would fall into the Pantone 2013 Emerald category?!

  4. This color is ridiculous, I loooove!!

  5. Oh that is just gorgeous! I love green, and the sparkles make it that much better!

  6. Nice manicure! Love the color :)



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