Way Off Wishlist

So I remembered this past weekend why I didn't initially renew my subscription to InStyle magazine, the extremely high-priced items.  I should just say- mainly things that are way outside my budget. This was actually the reason I switched to People StyleWatch magazine, but for some reason, I now am subscribed to InStyle again.

For now, I'll just look at all the beautiful pictures and build my 'way off wishlists,' the wishlists that are fun to dream about. Things I will probably never have in my lifetime, and that's ok. It doesn't make me forlorn, it doesn't make me appreciate what I have any less, it's just so fun to look at pretty things and dream. Doesn't hurt, right? My husband dreams of (our) catamaran, I dream of fancy jewelry and handbags!

I've been dreaming of owning a Cartier watch for over ten years now, I developed good taste early working in fine jewelry, believe me.  I also was making barely enough to cover my rent, so I bought a Guess watch that was a spitting image for a Cartier, specifically the roman numerals on the face. That actually may be what I love most about them- the roman numerals are so beautiful, so classic.  And the blue hands....gasp! Someday my friends. When I have $47k to blow on a watch.

These Coralia Leets bracelets are absolutely beautiful, aren't they? I love that they are only a semi-bangle, so they'd actually be comfortable enough to be an everyday bracelet. But why just one, I mean come on, they're built for stacking! Now to come up with $220 each. I could sell some nail polish maybe...

Of course after looking up this Gucci bag, I feel even more in love with the others from this collection! Ugh serious drool over here.  I have a thing for buckles, and well isn't that classic Gucci? I did belong to Bag, Borrow or Steal for a year or so, and rented the same Gucci over and over, it was that beautiful. Now if I could just justify a bag this fabulous when I work from home and don't really get out much? $1120 isn't that bad...  I did talk myself out of this bag though, the length is deceiving in this picture, it's actually waist-length with the strap. Ew, 80's.

What's on your way-off wishlist?


  1. That watch is amazing!!! I think I need to add it to my own Way Off Wishlist :) Cartier just makes such unbelievably beautiful everything!

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