Monday, March 4, 2013

March Julep Maven

I actually don't have a manicure to share today, considering I showed you my all time favorite manicure here on Wednesday.  Today I plan on using one of the new colors from my March Maven box, I just don't know which one yet. 

I will say I immediately tried the Strawberry-Mint lip balm and it is smooth and amazing, and the hand cream moisturizes immensely, having kept my hands soft through 4-5 handwashes.  I will try the Glycolic Hand Scrub and report back- I wasn't a fan of the initial one, but Julep is promising that this is the "new and improved" scrub.

The colors are (L to R): Debra, Minnie, Simone, Adrianna, Teri, Shenae, Leila, and Joy. Beautiful pastels with a shimmer...le sigh...I am so looking forward to spring, and what says spring more than pastels? Here is a non-filtered photo so you can see the colors more accurately:

Hope you had a fabulous weekend, Happy Monday!


  1. that tray is pretty sweet too! Xo Megan,

  2. Oh wow the colors you got are gorgeous! So perfect for springtime!!! I had no idea they had lip balm too!

  3. I decided to skip Julep this month. I'm just not into pastels. The only one I would have wanted is that coral, and I think I have an ULTA color that's too similar to justify getting a box for that. Looking back, I totally should have gotten the whole set in February! There were so many that I loved!

  4. Loving all the pretty pastel colors.

  5. i got the full collection this month too! LOVE!


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